Windfall Coffeehouse event tomorrow....

Good evening everyone.  I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to touch base and see how your week is going?  I know it's just Tuesday night but probably by the time you see this it will be Wednesday.  The week is going well for me.  I've been getting cards around for my events, and tonight I packed up for the drop-in at the coffee shop Wed afternoon.  These are the cards I made for there.  I am hoping the simple, yet pretty, cards will appeal to all levels of stampers.  It was really fun to look for ideas that didnt require me to bring too many supplies and would not scare off a newbie, yet looked nice for a seasoned stamper.  I think I found a couple that fit that.

Stop by if you are in the area Wednesday, I'd love to see you!


2020 is here!

Well, 2020 is here!  Time flew by so fast when I was off on school break.  We were off one day and then poof it was 1/6/2020.  Today was an ok day though, better than I had envisioned.  The kids must have been off long enough to get out of their routines, so I think most were half asleep.  The day was gorgeous but a little windy, a chilly 31 degrees I believe but the cool air motivated me.  That flew by too and I made it home to get busy on some cards.  Why does it seem there is never enough time for stamping?  Maybe because I tend to make my cards as I need them so I can personalize them a bit more?

This card, the sailboat, is for a friend I used to work with.  He loves to go sailing and diving and all things outdoors!  I miss his head peeking in, with his great smile, just to say hi and see how the day or weekend was.  So I wanted to make him a card that I thought reflected what I would think of for him.  I made him a cool punch art diver and a shark a couple of years ago.  I'll have to post a picture if I can find it.  Do you like to make cards specific for a person?  Granted it is less stress to have a stash built up from my stamp a stacks, but sometimes a special card is nice too,right?

The other cards that I recently posted were thank you notes for people that got me gifts for Christmas.  I mass produced the one with the Christmas Rose popped up on it, the others I just needed a couple of each.  The Christmas stamps are put away now and I'm gearing up for some Valentines when my new order gets here.  Stay tuned for the Paper Pumpkin and Stamp a Stack cards for the 12th though.  It's not too late to sign up if you want to come........