Christmas Treat Packaging

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Everyone needs a few ideas for quick gifts during the holidays. The hot cocoa holder could easily hold homemade cocoa mix. The candy cane holder can be adjusted for any size. The treat topper can go an just about any size bag! Fill it with homemade goodies or prepackaged items and top it off with this bit of Wow. These items are also wonderful for kids to make. Keep them busy with some fun crafting time!

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Start with an 8 1/2 x 5 1/2" base
Score or fold at 4 1/4"

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lay the cardstock flat and along the right edge, make a mark at 2 3/4"

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on your cutter, line up the little mark and the center score line and cut. You will be cutting from the center "down" to the outside edge where the mark is.

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Do the same thing with your designer series paper.
Paper is 4 x 5 1/8"
Make a mark at 2 5/8"
Cut from upper left edge down to the mark

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Lay the cardstock flat with the trimmed edge on the left. Add a strip of tear tape or a strong adhesive on the bottom of the right panel.
Close the left side over onto the right and press firmly to adhere them.

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Now you can glue on your designer paper to the front of the holder. Once that is done you can prep the side to hold the spoon.
About 1/2" in from the edge punch a hole and then punch another hole a little below that one. These will be for the ribbon to hold the spoon in place.

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So now you need about 12" of ribbon. You may need to create a tip on the end of the ribbon with some washi tape so it feeds through your holes.
Start with the top hole and feed the ribbon down through the hole. Then come over the right edge and go back down through the bottom hole. This will make a "loop" for you to slide the spoon into.
Add the spoon and tie a bow. Add the cocoa packet and you are all set.

This instruction is going to depend on the size of your candy cane so I am going to just give an overview.
I used the classic label punch and it makes about a 2" opening so your top patterned paper should be at least 2 1/2" wide. Mine is 5 1/2" long.
My patterned paper and base paper are the same size.
I put the patterned paper all the way into the punch and then cut. I flipped it around and cut again. This makes the two openings to put the candy cane through.
I glued the top and the bottom of the patterned paper to the base so that there was room for it to expand when you put the candy cane in. My first attempt ripped when I glued the sides down too.
I made a tag using the Warm Hugs bundle.
It's nothing spectacular, but it is a nice touch for a little something that you would want to leave on a co-workers desk or give to someone as a little token of holiday cheer. I think it would also be a great idea for kids to make.

This idea just adds a fun homemade touch to your bag of goodies. All of these ideas would be great for kids to do.
The Celebration Labels Dies are nested dies that make great bag toppers. Just cut out a large one for the size of your bag using patterned paper. Then cut the next smaller one in white.
I used the Celebrations Tidings stamps to decorate the white.
Fold the patterned paper in half and staple it to the top of the bag, or use strong adhesive like tear tape or Seal +
When you are ready with the white, fold it in half and adhere that over the patterned paper.
All set!! Of course fill the bag with your treats before you put the topper on......