My Pinterest Boards

I'm sure you know about Pinterest by now!  It is such a great place to go for inspiration.  I love to find a set that I want to use and then go search to see what others have donen with it.  I also like to search for similar sets that Stampin' UP! has had in the past and use those too.  Below is the link to my Green Thumb Stampers Pinterest page.  You will find the boards that I create for various stamp sets there.  

A little insight to my madness before you get in there and think I have no rhyme or reason to my boards!!  I try to name them now by the stamp set title and then add in what catalog they are from.  Just in case you might store stamps by year or want to refer to the catalog it was in.  I then just start pinning.  You'll see pins with the current set and then the older sets I mentioned above.  If it looks to me like the set could be used to create the card and I like it, then I pin it.  I also pin other stamp companies and art companies and just about anything that pops up in my search that my brain thinks can be created with that set.

I also have some boards for tags or packaging and categories like that, but you may also find those items under the set name too.  Fun folds and techniques get their own boards too just so I have a place to go if I don't care about the set and just want a new fold or something.  You'll also find the board of my very own creations as well!  So that is a little bit about what/how/why my pins are like they are.  I hope I have provided you some inspiration through them as well.  Click on the Pinterest logo below to go to my page.